Here Smartphone With Most Long Life Battery

One of the most reliable features in a smartphone, of course is battery life, because it's useless when Smartphone equipped with advanced features department, but the batteries life run out quickly.

Here Comparison Between Motorola RAZR maxx DROID VS Samsung Galaxy's Note VS HTC One Series VS Apple iPhone 4S Battere life

Using the large 3300mAh battery, Motorola RAZR maxx DROID battery capable of producing the best performance among smartphone in tests conducted by GSM Arena. This site measures the battery life of a handset in three different categories: WebBrowsing, Video Playback and Talk Time

In terms of talk time, Battery Motorola Razr Maxx Droid able to survive 20 hours and 24 minutes, surpassing the record Samsung Galaxy's Note, which is 12 hours and 14 minutes. HTC One Series is the next position with the ability to achieve One V One S 10 hours and 9 hours and 42 minutes.

While the testing of surfing in cyberspace, Motorola Razr Maxx Droid able to surf for 7 hours and 23 minutes before the battery runs out. HTC Radar was second last 7 minutes and 17 seconds. Apple iPhone 4S is in third place with 6 minutes and 56 seconds.

When used to play the video, the Motorola Razr Maxx Droid can play the video for you within 14 hours and 17 minutes before the battery dies. One's HTC and Apple iPhone 4S ranks next with not too much resistance, which is 9 hours and 28 minutes for HTC One S.

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