Pebble : Smartwatch for IOS and Android device

Smartwatch trend lately is on the rise. Some vendors also started to produce "SmartWatches" is given the competition that has not been so strictly. One is the Pebble, a smartwatch designed for smartphone users and Android-based IOS.

Smartwatch Pebble able to connected with smartphone device using Bluetooth connection to determine the caller ID, email, calendars, and incoming messages from Facebook and Twitter users. Additionally, Pebble can be used instead of a stopwatch when you're running or cycling.

Any multimedia features have been embedded in this smart watches. Pebble can be used to control the music playlist in smartphone users through a variety of musical applications, like iTunes, Pandora, and Google Music.

Pebble is the result of a Kickstarter project. You can get the price of Pebble Smartwatch $150 USD. COMPARE WITH WRISTH WATCHES PC HERE
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