LG Released LG Optimus 3D Max for Europe Market

It's a good news for fans of 3D smartphone, especially from LG. South Korean electronics manufacturer has just announced the launch of the second-generation 3D smartphone, LG Optimus 3D MAX.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, LG Optimus 3D Max will be available in Europe. Smartphone market in Europe is the first step before the smart phone spreads in the global market.

The LG 3D smartphone was first announced this year before the MWC 2012. When it is rumored LG Optimus 3D Max 3D IPS will charge a 4.3-inch screen that does not require an additional three-dimensional glasses.

Optimus 3D Max will also be equipped with a dual core processor speed 1.2 GHz. In matters capture the moment, LG buried behind the sharp 5-megapixel camera capable of producing 3D images and video.

These capabilities are coupled with an area of ​​16GB of internal storage space, the ability of NFC (Near Field Communication) with support for LG Tag +. This smartphone will adopt Gingerbread Android operating system. Unfortunately, there is still no news about when LG will provide updates Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
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