Huawei Ready To Launch Windows 8 Smartphones

Huawei has become the official business partner of Microsoft since late last year 2011. However, China mobile phone vendor has not released any phones that use Windows Phone. Huawei seems busy with the expansion program in the Android market.

Huawei has been rumored is already preparing smartphones and tablets that have been provided with Windows Phone 8 and ready for release this year. To realize, Huawei has reportedly formed a special team for Windows Phone development consisting of 70 people in China and coupled with some people in the United States to establish direct communication with Microsoft.

A big step if Huawei directly to the device with Windows Mobile Phone 8 and skip Windows Phone 7.5 Tanggo. The first device to be launched by Huawei is rumored to be priced $317, while the second device is a tablet with the support LTE and has been equipped with an HD display.
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